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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

thoughts on pasta ("food"?)

i have been having thoughts of late about how we take certain things for granted.

take pasta.

not many would question whether or not pasta was food. but let's examine this a little:
-you take wheat, which no one would eat in its natural state unless they were starving. it is tasteless, brittle, and dry.
-then you grind it down, refine it, add water to it, mix it, shape it like play-do, and dry it.
...the product itself is inedible, so you have to...
-heat it AGAIN.
-before finally it is called "a meal."

i was reading this fabulous book by matt monarch yesterday called raw success. in one part, he makes the case that any "poison" taken in small does, over a long period of time will not result in death. rather, it will create something like our population today: people struggling with things they shouldn't be: disease, weight, depression, eating disorders... it is a S.A.D. (standard american diet) picture indeed.

basically, ANY food is a hinderance to the system. it's a balancing game. you get nutrients, but you give your body undue work. in order for the scales to balance out somewhat (or lean slightly in favor of your body), you need to be eating food that is the LEAST difficult to assimilate. this will depend on your current diet. any modification you make towards a diet that is easier to assimilate (i.e. nutrient & water dense foods: fruits and veggies in their raw state) will start to improve your health.

to start consuming ONLY raw foods overnight might have the opposite effect. it would be similar to taking a huge dose of poison. detoxification must go at the same comfortable rate as "toxification"... small doses over time. otherwise, your cells will be unleashing "debris" at a faster pace than your elimination organs (colon, skin) can deal with and you will have horrible symptoms.

slow detox makes you feel invigorated, cleaned, and renewed and is definitely preferable.

so does this mean that if you are eating pasta you should stop? well, there are greater evils is what i'm saying, and eliminating "carbs" or "fats" or "proteins" is just too myopic of a plan. i recommend slowly eliminating processed foods. simplification of your diet. eating more vegetables and fruits in their raw state, and moderating (or eliminating completely) "complex un-foods."

-mysteriously processed meat patties (i.e. hamburgers, sausages),
-supposed "whole grain" breads with their endless list of useless and damaging ingredients
-any animal product or bi-product (essentially a "processed food" given their unnatural diet, the excruciating pain and stress that becomes the flesh you eat!)
basically, anything that comes sold in a package. because if nature didn't make it edible in the first place, then it isn't FOOD! it is something designed by man to trick our taste buds into thinking it is suitable for our body. see: michael pollan, in defense of food.

anyway, baby steps...

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pianissima said...

as a disclaimer i want to remark that i was once the world's biggest pasta fan! it took me a long time to recognize that it wasn't serving my system, or my health goals.