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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Fruit, Watermelon

i have had this theory about fruit. natalia rose wrote in "raw food life force energy" that some people weren't clean enough for fruit. i didn't really understand it at the time, beyond the basic idea that fruit is cleansing and you should save the deepest for last.

there are so many opinions in the raw food community about fruit. gabriel cousens believes certain sweet fruits (mangos, pineapples, dates etc.) are best left out of the raw diet COMPLETELY as they cause fungus around the cells. doug graham thinks you should eat mostly fruit, and not very much fat. the man who wrote "the pH miracle" thinks you should eat all the fat you want and leave out ALL fruit (except lemons, grapefruit, and pseudo-fruits like tomatoes, etc.).

do you sense a pattern here?

i did.

it occurred to me that each of these individuals are RIGHT. but for different stages.

the pH miracle is focused on a particular audience of VERY unhealthy individuals. for them, they are transitioning from a highly toxic diet. it would be out of the question to look to fruit. all the cells would simply clean out too fast and could even cause harm. switching to "something better" like raw fats, is a step up, without being too drastic.

gabriel cousens sets his heights a little higher. most of his research was done on individuals who were already raw to begin with. they were "anything as long as its raw" diets, which include dates, lots of fats, poor food combinations, dehydrated foods, etc. for them, an intermediate diet of less fruit. it's interesting (and predictable) that cousens decided all melons caused acidity. they are the fruits highest in water and digest almost immediately after consumption.

from what i learned about cells, gas, and fermentation, it is logical that someone eating a cleanER, but not completely pure, diet would want to stay away from extreme cleansing until they had looked at the integrity of their entire diet a little closer. eliminating dehydrated foods first, for example. not going straight to the most extreme: FRUIT.

then, comes doug graham. he is interested in ATHLETES. what do they have in common? they burn a lot of calories and they are moving constantly. this would certainly help them detox faster and safer. not to mention, his diet virtually eliminates fat (to 10% or less). without fat "clogging" things up, there are very few obstacles for fruit sugar to come up against in the body...

anyway, it just HAPPENED that this morning i felt like nothing but watermelon. since summer, i've been getting a little nauseated from my modest amount of dehydrated food. and then i started having a distaste for seeds. (i don't eat nuts regularly).

today i ate:
1 entire watermelon (spread over a 5 hour period)
4 mangos
1 big green salad with a squeeze of lemon and a squeeze of orange.

this was the most amazing day EVER! and i'll tell you i REALLY wanted that salad by the end of it (but not before).

lo and behold, the "eat your greens till you turn green" girl was satisfied with just a big bowl at night. usually, i'll have at least 9 cups of greens a day! this was a big breakthrough for me...

i'll check in tomorrow to see what i feel like. it may be a phase, a seasonal thing, or maybe doug graham really has something going. hmmmm...

all i know is i wasn't ready for this last winter and i certainly don't feel deprived! (all the watermelon i can eat, are you kidding me???)

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sarabethxvx said...

hey raw food friend, I am going to add your blog link on my blog if you don't mind as you have already given me a lot of great advice and I want easy access to more ;)
Sara Beth